Cannumo White Paper


Cannumo embraces the assumption that cannabis industry, in this case particularly in Europe, lacks proper business representation, as well as opens up new possibilities for future endeavours to grow a market vast enough to include various independent segments (such as medicinal, recreational, spiritual even textile and building uses) as their separate respective markets. During the last decade various governments within EU constantly revisit propositions towards giving cannabis industry some amount of legal leeway. Thus, it is apparent that while the ‘shady’ image of cannabis industries around the world gets their due legal redemption, EU countries are not an exception towards a global trend. One can almost assert with an utmost certainty that the further the cannabis image gets ‘cleared’, the faster its industry grows.
Depending on a certain amount of factors, mostly an ever increasing quantity and quality of cannabis scientific research, as well as political and cultural viewpoints towards cannabis pros as a whole, Cannumo brand enters this particular picture with a clear vision and means to occupy its share in the growing cannabis industry. By providing the full extent of methodological approaches for future cannabis customers and merchants in the way of three applications (Cannumo GrowFunding, Cannumo Cannabis Business Dropshipping and Cannumo Wallet), Cannumo opts towards a leading position in attracting a new consumer to partake in cannabis business ventures.
To make said matters more attractive this paper will delve deeper into aforementioned aspects of the cannabis industry as well as Cannumo proposed brand and the technologies to achieve its set goals:
  • The current state and history of cannabis industry;
  • The legal and cultural challenges the industry faces;
  • Various business solutions that Cannumo offers to solve said challenges;
  • Technologies behind Cannumo brand - their function, structure and inner workings;
  • Specific Cannumo applications - Cannumo GrowFunding, Cannumo Dropshipping and Cannumo Wallet;
  • Marketing strategy;